Habitat Regeneration

Biorock is a unique ocean technology that produces the only marine construction material that grows, heals itself, and becomes stronger with age. Biorock applies safe extremely low voltage direct current trickle charge to steel structures of any size or shape. This completely prevents any rusting or corrosion, and grows solid limestone rock in seawater that is two to three times stronger than ordinary concrete. Biorock reefs have survived the strongest hurricanes. Biorock rapidly regenerates coral reefs, oysters, sea grasses, salt marshes, mangroves, fisheries, and coastal ecosystems where there is no natural recovery. It greatly increases settlement, growth, survival, and resistance to extreme high temperatures and pollution stress for corals and all marine organisms. Coral reefs made of biorock survive severe bleaching events, and rapidly regenerate reefs and fisheries. Floating Biorock reefs filter and clean polluted coastal waters.